Valley Of Fire

Mmm….. No! it’s not a fire in the valley….. I’m talking about the Fire Of Valley State Park in Nevada. About an hour Northeast of Las Vegas. Went there after my visit to Vegas for the NAB show. Never thought I can afford anything from NAB. But sure there are some damages…!

Okay… Let’s don’t go side track…
If you have never been to the Fire Of Valley State Park. Maybe you can put that on your lists when you visit Las Vegas next time and forget about the gambling table for a day? Or 2? Or maybe all together? I’m pretty sure that’s good for you!! Haha… sorry keep getting side track since I was up late capturing the moon eclipse at the Grand Canyon and have very little sleep…. Now is at a free wi-fi location trying to empty ALL my memory cards. I’m talking about over 100GB over 2 nights of captures!! One of the sequence was way overshot cause I have no experience on shooting a moon eclipse that actually lasted for 4-5 hours. 

Valley Of Fire

Valley Of Fire

Okay! Back to this image. The brightest white area is NOT a fire. It’s just some light pollution from the nearest town. Photo taken around 4am in the morning as moon was setting at 3:30am that night. It was a super cloudy with absolutely no chance of capturing the milky way. But a backlit moonset with cloudy skies are pretty cool too. Especially if you are capturing time lapse sequence like what I did! Thanks for your visit.

Will have more updates when I next visit a free wi-fi location!! 🙂



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