Blood Moon Night

Before I get to Day 17, just wanted to step back 2 days and show an image of what I’ve got from the blood moon evening. Mainly because I just couldn’t get this right from using my 13″ old laptop to edit this piece together. Arrived home 2 nights ago and been sleeping quite a bit. Charging up from what missing the most from the trip – Rest!!! 😉

Knowing there is no way to have a single exposure to have the blood moon and the Grand Canyon expose correctly. I tried to shoot them separately at the location. But using different exposures for the different stages of the blood moon and the canyon you see in this shot. The canyon was taken while the moonlit was still strong. With the moon sequence I got over the 3/4 period of the moon eclipse. I composited them together in PS after I got home from my trip on a 27″ monitor. I mean I can’t really do this on my 13″ laptop I bought with me in the trip. And looking back to some of the images I posted from my trip edited on my laptop…. I guess I’ll wait til’ I got home on my next photo trip…

The canyon is shot using a EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 lens ISO400, 15mm, 10 secs @ f/3.5. And all the moon are from a EF 200mm f/2.8L lens, they are various from f/3.5-f/10, and shutter speed from 1/160 – 1/3 of a second using ISO100 mostly.

Blood Moon Over Canyon
Blood Moon Over Canyon

And yes, as you might have noticed I said 3/4 period of the blood moon event. There are a portions of the eclipse after the blood moon were missing….. That is because of the 2 nights in a row of overnight shooting. I was trying to wait in my car for a while as the wind was blowing pretty strong. Even with my full snowboard outfit at the desert. And guess I don’t have to say more… I passed out in the car and missed the last quarter of the show….

Thanks for your view!! And please feel free to leave any comments!!

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