On and Off

From last night (May 23rd, 2014) meteor shower up at Mt. Baker. 2 thin lines strike across above the mountain. The foreground is the half frozen Picture Lake by the one way looping road area at Mt. Baker. Really it was my first time driving through the border just for taking some night photography. Some interesting conversation at the border with the officer for sure. The custom officer was asking to see the camera and I show him the last photo from the night. And he was curious and asked about how I got this lighten up. Anyway…

The reason I called this On and Off is because of the weather. Driving 2 hours in 2 cars with 4 of us crossing border to Mt. Baker. Arriving with fog / clouds covering the entire sky. We were so disappointed and just wandering around for hour before we decided to head downhill and try find another spot for some luck. Stopped half way down and took some shots there. And the sky starting to clear. So we drove back up to Picture Lake and the weather did gave us some chance for it!!

On and Off
On and Off

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