Let It Snow

Welcome to the new season to come and like to add a few shots from the Canadian Rockies and feel the cold in the air!!

First image below taken on Whistlers Mountain in Jasper National Park.

On And Above
On And Above

This majestic view is one of my favourite view of Lake O’Hara (lake on the right). The lake on the lake is Mary Lake. Lake O’Hara is surrounded by few mountains. How many you can see will depends on where you are located. The view here includes Odaray Mountain on the left, Cathedral Mountain in the middle, and the Wiwaxy Peaks

Stormy O'Hara
Stormy O’Hara

If the 2 shots above doesn’t really meet the standard of ‘cold’ to you. Maybe try the 2 below! 🙂
Below is frozen Lake Louise on an early morning

Three Man Standing
Three Man Standing

And of course saved my favourite for the last one with my kind of shots!! I mean Nightscapes!!!

Frozen Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

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