Long Overdue…

Sorry for the lack of posting. Have been busy with shooting and family. Went to Olympic National Park for the first time back in March. And of course for the last Blood Moon I was trying to catch.

So I think  will do the Blood Moon from my trip to Osoyoos, BC first. Let’s begin from…… Last April, I was very lucky to be able to experienced the Blood Moon in Grand Canyon for the first time. And I love to have that experience again. But last moon eclipse, I missed it because of the foggy weather in Vancouver. So last week, I’ve been searching for location that can for sure able to see it with good weather. But with the weather forecast prediction, everywhere was cloudy and rainy near Vancouver. And the only place my friend and I found that might have chance have clear skies was Osoyoos on Highway 3 near US border. But the day before, weather forecast changed and said it might have snow on the night of April 3rd. I was so upset because the next location on my lists is Palouse in eastern Washington State. Which I wasn’t entirely sure if I will go due to the driving distance.

In the afternoon of April 3rd, heavily raining in Vancouver. And I was very upset I might have missed this blood moon again. But after I checked with weather forecast, it changed again. And it might have chance to see it even in Vancouver. But I want to have higher chance to see it all night. And my friend messaged me and said Osoyoos is looking good and he is heading there in an hour or so. After making up my mind under the heavy rain condition in Vancouver. I started driving short after my friend left. And on the way, I think I must be mad to drive under this extreme heavy rainy weather and hope to see the moon… It was about 4+ hours drive, and of course that’s the reason it might have more chance to see the moon eclipse.
After the long drives to Osoyoos, it was cloudy around sunset. Enough time to find the location my friend found on the map and explore where to stay overnight!
Skies clear up after midnight and we were so happy about it. I end up shooting all night until the morning. And drove back home without taking a nap… But when I got home, I just crashed until the next day. And finally can sit down going thru some of them. Here is one of the shot taken in the morning around 7:30. Few minutes before it set under Chopaka Mountain located in Okanogan County, Washington, United States. It is a summit in the leeward flank of the North Cascades. And this is just the northern peak of Chopaka Mountain.
This is NOT a composite shot from different time. But blended with 2 exposures from the 3 shots bracket I took.

Bloody Morning
Bloody Morning

Another one is a composite image from images taken from different time of the night – the different phases of the Moon Eclipse. Whenever mentioning ‘Moon Eclipse’, the first thing that come to mind is always the moon eaten by a dark shadow. And of course everyone have seen photos of the moon eclipse. But what fascinate me the most when experience the night with moon eclipse. It’s not the shaded moon, but the surrounding that lighten up by the full moon. And then dimmed down over a short period of time. It’s kind of like a kid first found out there’s a dimmer light switch.

April 4th, 2015, after a long drives from Vancouver to Osoyoos, BC. My friend and I was settled with this location he found on Google Maps precisely. Basically stayed there for the whole night. This is one of the image from the time lapse sequence I shot that night. And the moon sequence were shot on a different camera with a telephoto lens. I took about 120 images of just the moon that night and 24 of them were used in here. And for the background, I picked a few shots from the time lapse sequence with the main background taken around 5AM, peak of the eclipse. Which is how so many stars was exposed in this image. The moon in this original shot is hiding behind the 6th moon from the right hand side! The other few shots used are the light trails you see on both side of the taller tree on the bottom left. And another shot to fill some dark details on the trees! yeah… I know… they are still very dark. 🙂

Have a great night!!

Night of the Eclipse
Night of the Eclipse

Art Prints is available here or just click on the image to access it!

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