Wiwaxy Gap Morning

Early morning up on Wiwaxy Gap (Wiwaxy, which meant “windy” in the Stoney language) after a night staying at this 2500m location. Compare to the Wiwaxy Peak on the left at 2700m is still another 200m to climb to the top (if you will). But sure it is not for me. Climbing up to the Wiwaxy Gap was already a very scary alpine experience…
The sunrise golden light shining on the Vanguard Peak in the middle, and Paget Peak on the right hand side in the distance. Making this the best morning from my 8 days Canadian Rockies trip last week.

If you’ve been to Lake O’Hara, you will for sure knew about Wiwaxy Peak or at least recognize the look of it. But this Wiwaxy Gap view is not one that can easily recognized. Because it is a view looking north from this spot (or about 320 degree to be a little more precise).

3 shots exposure blending. And no… didn’t shot for focus stack with the foreground… guess it was too early in the morning after a very very late night watch aurora and didn’t have the bandwidth from my brain at that time…

Wiwaxy Sunrise
Wiwaxy Sunrise

Spent a night up on this location at 2532m (8200ft) with just a comforter and sleeping bag. Although it was extremely cold with the wind blowing strong that night. It was awesome experience rewarded with all night light show of aurora right above my head! Photos are coming as I want to post some of these day shots from my recent trip. This shot taken the next morning when I was hiking back to the campsite to catch some more sleep. Sunrise color was short, still got a little left on the right from the distance.
Wiwaxy Gap is one of the highest point within Lake O’Hara area and can see great distance. You might found the view of the mountain look kind of cropped. And should have include Mount Schaffer a bit more from the right side, or pan more to the left to include more of Glacier Peak in the frame. But the truth is…. no matter how wide your lens is, it will never be enough. Then you will try to capture multiple shots for a extreme wide panorama. Start to look for where to begin your panorama and pan your camera. And end up… find out it is a 360 degree shot. And this happen all the time at Lake O’Hara…
Okay. So here I was trying to capture the nature water system that running through this area. On the left side top right below the glacier on the mountain. You’ll see Lake Oesa with very blue water on the left. And the water flow into Lefroy Lake on it’s right. And then into 2 smaller lake which are Vitoria Lakes. And a long way down get to Yukness Lake, a little more than half way to Lake O’Hara (the blue lake on the bottom right). Can also see Mary Lake (next to Lake O’Hara). There isn’t much lights from this morning. But I do like those dramatic clouds!!

The Wiwaxy View
The Wiwaxy View

Hope you enjoy!!

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