Aurora O’Hara

The green glow on this photo might have just looks like they are airglow and not aurora. But as I already took some shot with the view behind this shot. Which is why I am so sure is aurora and not airglow. You can check out what’s behind this shot here! This is a view anybody should recognize or remember where it is if they ever been to Lake O’Hara. It is the beginning of the Lake O’Hara Circuit Trail. And on my 3rd night at Lake O’Hara, I already start to missed this place and was trying to use all the energy I have left to hangout a little longer to take a few more night shots before I call it the end of my Lake O’Hara trip. I kept the circuit trail for the last night as I knew I will be super tired on the 3rd night. And so glad I did stop here for the running river at night!

Blended with 2 exposure:
BG: ISO4000 30sec f/2.8 14mm
FG: ISO2000 4mins f/2.8 14mm Hope you enjoy it!

Aurora O'Hara
Aurora O’Hara

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