Lights Before Dawn

A late night up on the Opabin Prospect in Yoho National Park, or I should have said an early morning instead… It was around 3:00AM and the morning lights just started fading in from the northeast direction. And if you are curious about that little tint of green glowing within the morning lights, those are the “leftover aurora” from the night. After I took the last shot up at the Opabin Lake that night. My friend Mark and I head back down on the East Opabin Trail. After we took a few shots on the trail looking northeast direction, we noticed there was aurora glowing while we were facing northwest direction shooting the milky way. It was around 1:00AM, and both of us were extremely tired after a full long day and night of shooting and hiking. Mark was already saying he would like to head back to the campsite to catch some sleep. I was first wanting to go back. But just a few minutes after, I decided to hike the same route I did earlier during the day and take more night shots. Cause’ I knew that I will regret it if I don’t!! Within that 2 hours between 1AM to 3AM, I did quite a bit of shooting. Solo hiking in the dark is somewhat an exciting experience for sure. Walking through all these amazing scenic with the lovely clear night skies is very rewarding!! đŸ˜‰
I have shot at the Opabin Prospect with no trees in front before. So this night view I went to another point just a little higher on the highline trail with some trees standing in front of my view. It might not be a spot I’ll pick on a day shot. But I like the way those silhouette trees standing in front of me at night!!

Lights Before Dawn
Lights Before Dawn

Blended with 2 exposure:
BG: f/2.8, 30 sec, ISO4000
FG: f/2.8, 245 sec, ISO2500 (with a bit of star trails reflection)
Hope you enjoy it!

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