The Bench View

I called it “The Bench View” because I was thinking of “The Tunnel View” when entering Yosemite Valley. It’s a place where everyone will stop and take a shot from here.
I was taking my time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful night skies at this starting point of the Lake O’Hara Circuit Trail. I was surprised I couldn’t find a shot of the night skies taken from this very original spot of Lake O’Hara with the lodge in front, Yukness Mountain in the middle, Mt Schaffer on the right side with Mt Biddle peaking behind it. Crescent moon lit up the glacier on Glacier Peak and half of Mt Huber on the left.
I was very excited with the condition on this beautiful night. Gorgeous mountains lit up by the crescent moon right behind. And the moon lights have to be just enough to lit up the mountain and also dim enough allowing to capture the milky way at the same time. And I’m not kidding, I’ve been looking for this conditions for almost 2 years. As there are only a few nights in every month that can shot under this conditions.

The Bench View
The Bench View

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