Canadian Rockies II

So I should have continues updating some of the post from the Rockies Trips.

Bow Lights

No matter how many times you’ve been to Bow Lake. The beauty of it will never fail stopping you for a little while, or in some case a very very long time…

Athabasca Twilight

Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park at twilight. The right time to shoot the waterfalls without the need of a ND filters! 🙂

Castle Highway

The ever changing weather in the Canadian Rockies were so unpredictable. But when the good lights show its beauty, you might just have to stop. Even on the side of Highway 1 beside Castle Mountain! And not to mention how many times you need to stop on the Icefield Parkway.

Road To Giant

We All Share The Road

On The Road

And one of my favorite is Waterfowl Lake. Here are a few night shots from the night I stayed there.

Waterfowl Lake Twilight

Waterfowl Night Shoot

Waterfowl Galaxy

I was pretty lucky to have a lot of clear sky at night, and overcast sky during the day like these one

Roadside Beauty

Rain Break

More to come from the Canadian Rockies Trips!!!


5 thoughts on “Canadian Rockies II

  1. those night shots are freaking awesome. May i know what camera you use to take the night photos? I am having a lot of trouble taking those dark night shots…and the rockies! gorgeous!

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