Canadian Rockies III

I did for 3 trips to the Rocky Mountain in 2016 and one of the major goal was to shot at many night sky as possible. And this one below was from the 2nd trip on the first night on the Icefield Parkway

Tangle Ridge Galaxy

And I was very lucky to have overcast weather for the day and a clear sky for night shoot.

Good Morning Giant
Sun in the Rain


Beauvert Lake


Herbert Lake

And a few night shots from different locations over few different night


Night Watcher

Twilight Flow

Another one of the Athabasca Falls in portrait oriented.

Every once in a while, when it is possible with the right direction and angle. I often like to take a shot of my wheels. The ride that put me on to the road. Creating all these photo opportunities for me. And of course to share with all of you. And this last photo below, it has a sad story as it is the last photo of my ‘little red rider’ under the milky way, the beautiful night sky….!


Want to know what happen? Please follow me to see my Canadian Rockies 2016 journey continues


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