Canadian Rockies IV

Of course one major attraction of the Canadian Rockies are the majestic mountain peak that you can see everywhere you go. And just that alone, you might already found there are not enough time to see them all. Not to mention every time when you see a lake just along side of the road and gave you that ‘WOW’. And when the water meet mountains, there are always river and waterfalls. And I think waterfalls just seem to get less attentions in compare to mountains and lakes. On my early post Canadian Rockies I, there is Sunwapta Falls. And Canadian Rockies II with Athabasca Falls. And another fun shooting spot of waterfalls is the Tangle Falls in Jasper National Park. Tangle Falls is a combination of a few smaller waterfalls form these big staircase like water coming down in layers and you can hike up the short trails alone both sides of the falls. Here are a few examples from there:

Moving Lines

Waterscape Playground

Tangle Falls

Tangle Falls

Glaciers is also a must see in the Canadian Rockies, and you can see them even in July

Angel Glacier

And the one below doesn’t show any glaciers, but showing where the glaciers used to be at back in 1925


And this one is Panther Falls

Panther Falls

And spent one night at Moraine Lake, although the milky way wasn’t out yet until later when the sky was covered by clouds. The dark starry night sky is still very beautiful, not to mention there are ‘Valley of Ten Peaks’ right under it!!

Another Moraine Night

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