One Stone Three Birds

I was just talking about shooting at three locations on one single night. It was a night I head out after I got a noticed of aurora activity from Soft Serve News. My first stop was Rainbow Park in Whistler, British Columbia over looking Alta Lake

Sky Dance

Glorious Night

Night Drama

Alta Glow

After I took some photos and one time lapse sequence at Alta Lake. I head over to Lost Lake for the first time. It was already late and nobody was there. Great night glow still going strong and I was able to capture the aurora borealis and milky way together on this panorama

Lost Of The Night

and a single shot of the milky way

Lost in the Galaxy

and last head over to the lookout point at Green Lake

Green Lake Galaxy

Roadside Pano

It was a long night after Alta Lake and Lost Lake. And I soon left and head home after a few of these

Oh… lastly, a time lapse video with some of the clips captured from this memorable night!

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