US Southwest


US Southwest, is a region of the western United States. the name that represent four of the states on the west side of United State including Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. And some even includes Southern California, parts of Colorado and western Texas as well. But the definitions of the region have never been standardized.

Everything you see in this video was captured in a singe road trip a few years ago. I drove 12000 km round trip from Vancouver, Canada all by myself for 4 weeks. But I only got to Monument Valley in Arizona at the most. And only scratch the surface of the area. So there are a lot of more spectacular locations that I don’t know about at the time… Guess it will never be enough research before and never enough time to explore this magnificence area that shown us “TIME”. To realized how small we really are as a human being.

I was planning to have another road trip this April down to Utah again. Of course it is now cancelled because of the outbreak happening right now… Well… I am trying to keep doing some post-production with all the footage I shot over the years to stay positive. Lucky I still got a lot of hard drive to go through! Hope to keep the posting going!! 😉

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