Canadian Rockies

Smoky Waterfowl

Smoky Waterfowl

Taken a week ago on the Icefield Parkway at Waterfowl Lake. Hopefully the rain will stop the fire soon…


Athabasca Beauty

Athabasca Beauty

Alpenglow on Mount Athabasca and Mount Andromeda along the Icefield Parkway from few days ago. The smoky sky from the forest fire was covering most of the area during my recent trip to the Canadian Rockies. Lucky enough that there are a few window of the sky clearing up for some beautiful lights!

Hope you enjoy it and have a great day!

Canadian Rockies VII

Waterfowl Night

Ooops..! Almost forgot….. my trips will always come back with some time lapse video. And this little shorts is combined with video from different trips over the last few years to the Canadian Rockies under my tight budget. 🙂
The amount of time I stayed is only about 5 weeks in total. But I did visited in different season and capture a little taste of most season.

Canadian Rockies VI

Kananaskis Pano

After a long ride with the tow truck driver back to Lethbridge. I was settled very quickly with the repair shop and rental car. All I need is to wait for my car to be fix. I said to myself, there’s nothing I can do and let’s just enjoy the trip. So I went to another part of the Rockies which is not as popular as Banff or Jasper National Park. I am talking about Peter Lougheed Provincial Park just south of Canmore

Misty Forest

Crack of the Sky

The Rain

A few close up shots of mountain peak under some different weather conditions. One below is from Wedge Pond

Wedge Pond

And my favorite has to be Kananaskis Lakes

Mount Sarrail

Overcast Sunset

Spent a night there capturing some time lapse, here is a frame from one of the nightscape time lapse

Night Clouds

And I was driving with this car under the stars 🙂

Night Ride

Kananaskis Galaxy

After few days of waiting, the insurance company contacted me and told me they will not fix my car. So I ended up droves the rental car that was from Lethbridge back to Vancouver. And to end all my trips to the Rockies in 2016, I did another short trip with my friend. Basically drove all the way from Vancouver to Jasper and then down south to Highway 3 back to Vancouver in 3 days….! HA!! here are some of the short from that trip

Fall is here

Galactic Steaming

Lights Fall

And some aerials shots from the way back!


Spotted Above

Canadian Rockies V

It have been many attempt trying to capture some good morning lights at Moraine Lake. Many times waited for the sunrise after shooting at the lake at night. And that finally paid off all those morning that didn’t goes as plan.

The Golden Morning

Another part of the Canadian Rockies that I’ve been willing to visit is the Waterton Lakes National Park by the US Border. And I finally make my trip there. But before getting to Waterton Lakes National Park, there is another gem along Highway 3. The Lundbreck Falls is a great place for a stop or even camp for the night!


And I’ve taken many photos just along the way like this one


And this is a great lookout point where I took this panorama shot in the afternoon

IMG_7009 Pano_1600

After entering Waterton Lakes National Park, I drove around try to find location for a astro time lapse shot. And this is one of the frame from the time lapse sequence

Waterton Galaxy

Remember my little red car I love taking night photo with from one of my Canadian Rockies post? That photo was the last photo of her and her life was ended here by the lake. To make the story short, I hit a short cement pole damage the watercooler. After freaking out for few hours, I finally calm down and decided what I can do at the time on this long sleepless night…. SHOOT!!!

Here are some of the photos from that night and the next morning before I can call for a tow truck to drive 2 hours from Lethbridge…

Lights Before Dawn

Unforgettable Dawn

Reflective Vibration

And a short time lapse on this same location since I can’t really drive my car any more… There are still many photos I took from Waterton that just sitting in the hard drive. I guess it is time to dig those out again!!

The story didn’t end there, want to know where to? Please check out the next chapter!! 🙂


Canadian Rockies IV

Of course one major attraction of the Canadian Rockies are the majestic mountain peak that you can see everywhere you go. And just that alone, you might already found there are not enough time to see them all. Not to mention every time when you see a lake just along side of the road and gave you that ‘WOW’. And when the water meet mountains, there are always river and waterfalls. And I think waterfalls just seem to get less attentions in compare to mountains and lakes. On my early post Canadian Rockies I, there is Sunwapta Falls. And Canadian Rockies II with Athabasca Falls. And another fun shooting spot of waterfalls is the Tangle Falls in Jasper National Park. Tangle Falls is a combination of a few smaller waterfalls form these big staircase like water coming down in layers and you can hike up the short trails alone both sides of the falls. Here are a few examples from there:

Moving Lines

Waterscape Playground

Tangle Falls

Tangle Falls

Glaciers is also a must see in the Canadian Rockies, and you can see them even in July

Angel Glacier

And the one below doesn’t show any glaciers, but showing where the glaciers used to be at back in 1925


And this one is Panther Falls

Panther Falls

And spent one night at Moraine Lake, although the milky way wasn’t out yet until later when the sky was covered by clouds. The dark starry night sky is still very beautiful, not to mention there are ‘Valley of Ten Peaks’ right under it!!

Another Moraine Night

Canadian Rockies III

I did for 3 trips to the Rocky Mountain in 2016 and one of the major goal was to shot at many night sky as possible. And this one below was from the 2nd trip on the first night on the Icefield Parkway

Tangle Ridge Galaxy

And I was very lucky to have overcast weather for the day and a clear sky for night shoot.

Good Morning Giant
Sun in the Rain


Beauvert Lake


Herbert Lake

And a few night shots from different locations over few different night


Night Watcher

Twilight Flow

Another one of the Athabasca Falls in portrait oriented.

Every once in a while, when it is possible with the right direction and angle. I often like to take a shot of my wheels. The ride that put me on to the road. Creating all these photo opportunities for me. And of course to share with all of you. And this last photo below, it has a sad story as it is the last photo of my ‘little red rider’ under the milky way, the beautiful night sky….!


Want to know what happen? Please follow me to see my Canadian Rockies 2016 journey continues


Canadian Rockies II

So I should have continues updating some of the post from the Rockies Trips.

Bow Lights

No matter how many times you’ve been to Bow Lake. The beauty of it will never fail stopping you for a little while, or in some case a very very long time…

Athabasca Twilight

Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park at twilight. The right time to shoot the waterfalls without the need of a ND filters! 🙂

Castle Highway

The ever changing weather in the Canadian Rockies were so unpredictable. But when the good lights show its beauty, you might just have to stop. Even on the side of Highway 1 beside Castle Mountain! And not to mention how many times you need to stop on the Icefield Parkway.

Road To Giant

We All Share The Road

On The Road

And one of my favorite is Waterfowl Lake. Here are a few night shots from the night I stayed there.

Waterfowl Lake Twilight

Waterfowl Night Shoot

Waterfowl Galaxy

I was pretty lucky to have a lot of clear sky at night, and overcast sky during the day like these one

Roadside Beauty

Rain Break

More to come from the Canadian Rockies Trips!!!