Iconic Sunset


Iconic view of Vancouver at sunset time. Have a great day!

Baker Lights

Baker Lights

Dusk Lights on Mount Baker in Washington State, US as seen from Cypress Mountain in Vancouver, Canada. And for anyone who know a little about Vancouver, you can see 2nd Narrows Bridge and Port Mann Bridge in the distance

Vancouver Skyline

Vancouver Skyline

Downtown Vancouver as seen from Burnaby on this lovely sunset lights!
Have a great day!

Coal Harbour Dawn

Coal Harbour Dawn

Morning lights at Coal Harbour in Vancouver downtown

Along The Coast

Some of the great spots locally in Vancouver for shooting. And everything along the coast are always great. Have been shooting down in False Creek

Another False Creek Sunset

On The Way

False Creek Light

Lights and Shades

and along the seawall towards west, here are some underneath the Cambie Bridge

Cambie Dock

Shapes and Lines

And if you keep heading west, you’ll passing through Granville Island and under the Granville Street Bridge

Water Rides

Granville Lights


After Granville Island and Burrard Bridge (as seen above), you will be entering Kitsilano Beach. And I’m sure you can find tons of photo opportunities down there!!

Smoking Sunset

Sea Phoenix



So good to have the milky way season back. Well… it was back for a while, but the weather conditions hasn’t been very good for taking astrophotography. And last night was a great night for that in a very long time. Get to this location right around sunset time and setup some time lapse. Stay up til’ around 3:00am and shot a total of 5 time lapse sequence with 2 cameras. And just to found out one of the CF Card have some problem causing 2 of the time lapse sequence straight into the trash…. Oh well… at least I stall got a few of the frames from that and this is a frame from one of the sequence…

Hope you enjoy it and have a great night!

Garry Point Park by Night

Few night shots taken from Garry Point Park

Eye of the Root

This one below is a panorama from the light tower. The lights on the far right is from the airport and City of Vancouver

Moonlit Horizon

And from the left entrance into the park with the Steveston Fishermen’s Memorial

Moonlight Starlights

Night Cage

And some in portrait oriented below

Green Guide

Moon Knife


City Aurora

Aurora borealis display in Vancouver as seen from Spanish Banks in Vancouver west side. Looking over to West Vancouver with the green glow reflected in the ocean.

City Aurora

City Aurora