Star Party


There was a star party last night at Porteau Cove Provincial Park near Squamish. It was fun to see so many people were out under the dark night sky!


Alouette Sunset


Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park at sunset time.

City Aurora


Green lights glow above est Vancouver from the recent aurora borealis display taken from Spanish Banks, Vancouver, British Columbia

Valley View

Valley View

A night chasing milky way in Upper Squamish Valley. My friends and I was exploring the back road in Squamish Valley and was very surprised that there are so many people stargazing at night while we were there. Also heading off east on the road hopefully all fire will be gone soon and looking forwards to some falls color!!

Galactic Calling


Another night out at Porteau Cove Provincial Park by the pier shooting milky way. First try of the Canon 50mm L lens for some astrophotography. It was capture for 8 sec at f/1.4 ISO2500. There are quite a bit of distortion at the corner. Other than that, it is pretty Sharp even at f/1.4. Hope you enjoy it and have a great day!

Unexpected Moment


It just seem a little crazy that I don’t give up any opportunity for night photography. Like this evening, I was at Alice Lake camping and even when my friend are heading to the bathroom on this dark night, I still carry my camera with me and took this by the bathroom. It wasn’t really the bathroom that caught my attentions. It was more of the shadows that caught my eyes!! On the technical side, this was blended with 6 different exposure shots to keep the lights not overexposed!

Back Road Galaxy

Backroad Galaxy

A composite shot taken on a forest service road in Squamish, British Columbia. Hope you enjoy it and have a great day!