Roadside Aurora

Roadside Aurora

Another panorama taken on the night of storm level aurora last month. Never stop at this location for photos due to the amount or electricity towers and cables along this part of the Sea To sky highway to Whistler. But I think it works on this evening with the amazing aurora night show!!

What do you think?

Coal Harbour Dawn

Coal Harbour Dawn

Morning lights at Coal Harbour in Vancouver downtown

The Road at Night

The Road At Night

Most of the time road are related to motion. Especially at night, people are normally in a hurry trying to get to their destination. After years of doing night photography, I learn to stop and enjoy the night even in the middle of the road. Are you in a hurry?

Strike Through The Clouds

Strike Through The Clouds

Mountain view at sunset time near Whistler, British Columbia

Under Big Dipper

Under Big Dipper

Single exposure shot along the Sea To Sky highway under the Big Dipper. Have a good night!

Grand Canyon Night


Milky way above Grand Canyon. It is a composite as there is no way to capture the massive canyon on a moonless night. So the foreground is actually taken before dawn where there are enough light to have a long exposure shot of the majestic Grand Canyon, and at the same time dark enough so that the canyon fade into darkness in distance. Hope you enjoy it and have a great night!

Canadian Rockies VII

Waterfowl Night

Ooops..! Almost forgot….. my trips will always come back with some time lapse video. And this little shorts is combined with video from different trips over the last few years to the Canadian Rockies under my tight budget. 🙂
The amount of time I stayed is only about 5 weeks in total. But I did visited in different season and capture a little taste of most season.

Canadian Rockies VI

Kananaskis Pano

After a long ride with the tow truck driver back to Lethbridge. I was settled very quickly with the repair shop and rental car. All I need is to wait for my car to be fix. I said to myself, there’s nothing I can do and let’s just enjoy the trip. So I went to another part of the Rockies which is not as popular as Banff or Jasper National Park. I am talking about Peter Lougheed Provincial Park just south of Canmore

Misty Forest

Crack of the Sky

The Rain

A few close up shots of mountain peak under some different weather conditions. One below is from Wedge Pond

Wedge Pond

And my favorite has to be Kananaskis Lakes

Mount Sarrail

Overcast Sunset

Spent a night there capturing some time lapse, here is a frame from one of the nightscape time lapse

Night Clouds

And I was driving with this car under the stars 🙂

Night Ride

Kananaskis Galaxy

After few days of waiting, the insurance company contacted me and told me they will not fix my car. So I ended up droves the rental car that was from Lethbridge back to Vancouver. And to end all my trips to the Rockies in 2016, I did another short trip with my friend. Basically drove all the way from Vancouver to Jasper and then down south to Highway 3 back to Vancouver in 3 days….! HA!! here are some of the short from that trip

Fall is here

Galactic Steaming

Lights Fall

And some aerials shots from the way back!


Spotted Above