Dance Through the Night

Dance Through the Night

Amazing night show from Lost Lake last night. Arriving late around 1AM last night and found out there are a lot of taxi leaving from there. And as I walked into the lake, people were everywhere watching the night dance. This is one of the frame from the time lapse sequence I captured last night!

Porteau Cove

A popular night photography location and I do like shooting at Porteau Cove. Or just stop for a few shots to check out the weather when heading north on the Sea to Sky Highway. So here I’d like to share with you some of them from many different nights. Some are from the pier, and some are down by the shore when it was in low tide condition.

Above Anvil Island

Night Walk

Along The Shore

Galactic Station

Clearing Up

Low Tide Exploration

And I also like take a shot of my wheels against the dark starry night sky. This little guy below, I only had it for a short period of time. But I’m glad I took him out for this only shot I have.

Starry Ride

And the reason I had it for just a short time is because I changed it to this big guy below!

Night Wheels

At last, I’d like to include this time lapse video with many of the shots taken from Porteau Cove. Hope you enjoy it!



So good to have the milky way season back. Well… it was back for a while, but the weather conditions hasn’t been very good for taking astrophotography. And last night was a great night for that in a very long time. Get to this location right around sunset time and setup some time lapse. Stay up til’ around 3:00am and shot a total of 5 time lapse sequence with 2 cameras. And just to found out one of the CF Card have some problem causing 2 of the time lapse sequence straight into the trash…. Oh well… at least I stall got a few of the frames from that and this is a frame from one of the sequence…

Hope you enjoy it and have a great night!

Garry Point Park by Night

Few night shots taken from Garry Point Park

Eye of the Root

This one below is a panorama from the light tower. The lights on the far right is from the airport and City of Vancouver

Moonlit Horizon

And from the left entrance into the park with the Steveston Fishermen’s Memorial

Moonlight Starlights

Night Cage

And some in portrait oriented below

Green Guide

Moon Knife

Garry Point Park by Day

Located in the southwest corner of Richmond. Garry Point Park is a great place to photography. No matter what time of the day you go, or what kind of weather it is. Well…. sure you got to have a way to keep yourself and your equipment dry or simply avoid it all together.

Garry Point Needle

From the left side entrance on to the trail into the park. After passing through a Asian style garden, you will see the structure above. An iconic symbol that representing the park by the ocean.

Sunset Picnic

Garry Pint Bench

You can find all kind of great composition along the trail. One of my favorite part of the park is the beach with all the tree truck float on to the beach from the ocean.

Junk from the Ocean

I wasn’t very sure if these all actual junk from the ocean until I visited few weeks ago where all these tree truck are all gone. I was a little sad where all these great foreground are gone. But they did a great job on cleaning the beach, what can I say…

Fading Away

Here is another great sunset by the 2nd beach near the light tower. And I highly recommend to visit this place when the tide is low!


River in the Sky vs. River on Earth

Which do you like better? The one in the Sky? Or the one on mother earth?

Taken near the Columbia Icefield Campground in Jasper National Park, Alberta. Stayed at the Columbia Icefield Campsite on one of the night in my trip last month to the Canadian Rockies. Was decided to sleep early that night as the night skies was filled with clouds as I went to bed. Woke up around 1:30AM and saw the sky was clear. So I got up and head out to the little bridge near the campsite and took a few shots. But the clear skies didn’t last very long. After about 15-20 minutes of shooting. Clouds fill up half of the sky again! Which is also great!! Cause I can go back to catch some more sleep!! 🙂

Milky way above Hilda Peak with river running below!! Hope you enjoy it!

River in the Sky vs. River on Earth

River in the Sky vs. River on Earth

Winding Path

Spent a few nights at Lake O’Hara in Yoho National Park. A lot of hiking at night as night shooting is my main goal this time! And had a lot of great experiences from this trip. Here is a shot taken during the first night of hiking. I did the same hiking route during the day so that I know where I should have stop during night shoot. The mountains were half hidden with the milkyway above. But the winding path did caught my eyes, so I have to stop and clicks!!

Winding Path

Winding Path