Fly Fly

Fly Fly

It was the last evening my buddy from Shanghai staying in Vancouver. We headed down to Garry Point Park in Richmond and like usual, there are a lots of people flying kites in the park and this guy is sure getting everyone attention like he always do. And I have to say, watching him will immediately put you into another zone.


Athabasca Beauty

Athabasca Beauty

Alpenglow on Mount Athabasca and Mount Andromeda along the Icefield Parkway from few days ago. The smoky sky from the forest fire was covering most of the area during my recent trip to the Canadian Rockies. Lucky enough that there are a few window of the sky clearing up for some beautiful lights!

Hope you enjoy it and have a great day!

Iconic Sunset


Iconic view of Vancouver at sunset time. Have a great day!

Baker Lights

Baker Lights

Dusk Lights on Mount Baker in Washington State, US as seen from Cypress Mountain in Vancouver, Canada. And for anyone who know a little about Vancouver, you can see 2nd Narrows Bridge and Port Mann Bridge in the distance

Vancouver Skyline

Vancouver Skyline

Downtown Vancouver as seen from Burnaby on this lovely sunset lights!
Have a great day!



Sunset light on Mount Baker. Have a great day!

Strike Through The Clouds

Strike Through The Clouds

Mountain view at sunset time near Whistler, British Columbia

Canadian Rockies VII

Waterfowl Night

Ooops..! Almost forgot….. my trips will always come back with some time lapse video. And this little shorts is combined with video from different trips over the last few years to the Canadian Rockies under my tight budget. 🙂
The amount of time I stayed is only about 5 weeks in total. But I did visited in different season and capture a little taste of most season.