Canadian Rockies VII

Waterfowl Night

Ooops..! Almost forgot….. my trips will always come back with some time lapse video. And this little shorts is combined with video from different trips over the last few years to the Canadian Rockies under my tight budget. πŸ™‚
The amount of time I stayed is only about 5 weeks in total. But I did visited in different season and capture a little taste of most season.


Canadian Rockies V

It have been many attempt trying to capture some good morning lights at Moraine Lake. Many times waited for the sunrise after shooting at the lake at night. And that finally paid off all those morning that didn’t goes as plan.

The Golden Morning

Another part of the Canadian Rockies that I’ve been willing to visit is the Waterton Lakes National Park by the US Border. And I finally make my trip there. But before getting to Waterton Lakes National Park, there is another gem along Highway 3. The Lundbreck Falls is a great place for a stop or even camp for the night!


And I’ve taken many photos just along the way like this one


And this is a great lookout point where I took this panorama shot in the afternoon

IMG_7009 Pano_1600

After entering Waterton Lakes National Park, I drove around try to find location for a astro time lapse shot. And this is one of the frame from the time lapse sequence

Waterton Galaxy

Remember my little red car I love taking night photo with from one of my Canadian Rockies post? That photo was the last photo of her and her life was ended here by the lake. To make the story short, I hit a short cement pole damage the watercooler. After freaking out for few hours, I finally calm down and decided what I can do at the time on this long sleepless night…. SHOOT!!!

Here are some of the photos from that night and the next morning before I can call for a tow truck to drive 2 hours from Lethbridge…

Lights Before Dawn

Unforgettable Dawn

Reflective Vibration

And a short time lapse on this same location since I can’t really drive my car any more… There are still many photos I took from Waterton that just sitting in the hard drive. I guess it is time to dig those out again!!

The story didn’t end there, want to know where to? Please check out the next chapter!! πŸ™‚


One Stone Three Birds

I was just talking about shooting at three locations on one single night. It was a night I head out after I got a noticed of aurora activity from Soft Serve News. My first stop was Rainbow Park in Whistler, British Columbia over looking Alta Lake

Sky Dance

Glorious Night

Night Drama

Alta Glow

After I took some photos and one time lapse sequence at Alta Lake. I head over to Lost Lake for the first time. It was already late and nobody was there. Great night glow still going strong and I was able to capture the aurora borealis and milky way together on this panorama

Lost Of The Night

and a single shot of the milky way

Lost in the Galaxy

and last head over to the lookout point at Green Lake

Green Lake Galaxy

Roadside Pano

It was a long night after Alta Lake and Lost Lake. And I soon left and head home after a few of these

Oh… lastly, a time lapse video with some of the clips captured from this memorable night!

Porteau Cove

A popular night photography location and I do like shooting at Porteau Cove. Or just stop for a few shots to check out the weather when heading north on the Sea to Sky Highway. So here I’d like to share with you some of them from many different nights. Some are from the pier, and some are down by the shore when it was in low tide condition.

Above Anvil Island

Night Walk

Along The Shore

Galactic Station

Clearing Up

Low Tide Exploration

And I also like take a shot of my wheels against the dark starry night sky. This little guy below, I only had it for a short period of time. But I’m glad I took him out for this only shot I have.

Starry Ride

And the reason I had it for just a short time is because I changed it to this big guy below!

Night Wheels

At last, I’d like to include this time lapse video with many of the shots taken from Porteau Cove. Hope you enjoy it!


Wells Grey Provincial Park

Stopped at Wells Grey Provincial Park over night on my way to Jasper twice last year. Here are a few shots from the trip.

Lead Me The Way



Also captured some aerial footage from Helmcken Falls. Since there are no sound captured from the video. I have to add all the sound effects afterwards…

New updates

New update with a few video added to the Video section and an Aerials under the Galleries.

Below is one of the video added to both sections, a wonderful park I visited back in July 2016. It’s the Wells Grey Provincial Park in British Columbia. Hope you enjoy!

Helmcken Falls


Into The Night

My new time lapse video capture the beauty of the night sky.

***Footage are available for Licensing, Please contact me for more details***

“The Beauty Of Fog” screening at Dirtbag Festival

So happy Dirtbag Festival will be screening my time lapse shorts at theΒ Kimberley Conference Centre on April 4th, 2014. Festival ticket is already sold out this year!!